Outside Shenanigans

It’s been hot, but when Pre-Preppers go outside we make the most of it!

Anderson and Ishika having a blast spinning together! Two peas in a pod ❤
Two handsome gentlemen on a bench.
Anderson looks like he’s ready for business!
Man would they make some rowdy neighbors haha!
Silly Callum, benches aren’t for your face!
Bring out the wipes… this is about to get messy!
Ishika loves to sit in the sunshine!☀️

Photo Dump!

Just a day in the classroom❤️

Oliver just wanted to carry something. Anything.
Brixton loves making pattern-pillars!
Jude has his patterns down pat!
Planting spring seeds with friends!
Let’s make some flowers grow!
Ishika and Oliver are two of my best end of day helpers!
Having a break from outside fun!
Joe misses his best friend Oliver when he has to leave for Soccer!
Jude asked to try on the bunny glasses!
My friends LOVE to find caterpillars outside!
I wonder what the Easter bunny left for us?!
Friends are excited that the Easter bunny came!
So sleepy, but we still have to eat lunch silly girl!
Oliver LOVED the s’mores we had for special snack!
Sometimes you just need a buddy ❤
Sunshine fun!
Tripp looks good in his favorite color!
Brixton loves to fill his purse with food and toys from home center!
Joe is making potatoes! Who wants some?