🎃Pumpkin obsessed🎃

This week we learned all things about pumpkins!! We started out the week with our very own Pre-Prepper pumpkin patch, where our friends got to pick out there very own pumpkin. We ended the week with a pumpkin paint party!!!


Q-tip leaf painting

This week our friends let their creativity flow while trying a new technique of dotting with q-tips to imitate leaves on a tree

“Children are naturally creative. It’s our job to give them the freedom, materials, and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential.”- Jean Van’t Hul


Leaf Sorting🍁🍂

The first official week of fall calls for a fun fall activity!! Our friends had so much fun today sorting our red, yellow, orange, and brown leaves at circle time all while working and demonstrating the following skills:

  • Fine motor development and hand/eye coordination.
  • Self-correcting and problem solving.
  • Literary accuracy- Connecting the written word with the color
  • Communication/ Teamwork!!!